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Top 5 Sex Myths

A man who is just beginning an intimate life is under the influence of myths and illusions and inspired by all sorts of films, magazines, communication on forums, and stories of friends. In this article, you will find the most typical male misconceptions and discoveries in the world of "are we more than just friends".

1. Movies and reality are two same things

Having seen all sorts of porn films in youth and adulthood, a man can have a number of false statements about women. Here are the most popular of them:

  • - Sex ends with ejaculation on a woman;
  • - Every woman likes to swallow sperm;
  • - For anal sex, a condom is not needed. You can engage in vaginal, anal and oral sex without changing the condom or even without it.

In other words, a man has a sophisticated idea of sex and he doesn't understand why a woman can refuse to swallow sperm and have anal sex without a condom. The same applies to the refusal to offer a blowjob at the lunch break (without taking a shower before it, of course).

First of all, there is bewilderment. A man may think that this woman is strange, breaks up with her, looks for more and more, and only then understands that a decent woman is a person who loves hygiene and sex should primarily bring moral pleasure, and not physical.

2. Size means a lot

Porn films, as well as all kinds of stories about the fact that a man should have a penis of impressive length and thickness, and a woman - a big breast, a narrow waist, and slender legs form a misconception about reality. So, many teenagers and even men think that it is possible to satisfy a woman only with great size (at least 20 cm in length), and women with inexpressive buttocks and small breasts are useless in bed. But then they are surprised to notice that the size is not the main thing. The ability to control your main organ is much more important.

3. Not every woman can be seduced

The more beautiful a woman is, the stronger a man wants her. He wants and is afraid at the same time. It is a fact. Paradoxically, beautiful women often remain deprived of the attention of men. Today, a variety of training courses prove that it doesn't matter how you look and how beautiful a woman is. The main thing is self-confidence and a special approach to women. Agatha Christie once said: "I always wondered why the worst of men cause interest in the best women."

4. Sex on the first date happens only in movies

Of course, sex on a first date happens not only in movies but in real life too. And if at a younger age, a place is an obstacle for quick sex, then at an older age, people, gaining experience, don't rush to go to bed quickly (if this is not their goal).

5. Sex dies in marriage

One of the latest scientific studies says that couples that are married have sex much often than just lovers. A husband and a wife, according to experts, make love on average 3 times a week, while free partners - on average once every 10 days. Sex with a wife (a husband) is better. So, the opinion that marriage kills sex is fundamentally wrong. And every man who lives in harmony with his wife comes to this understanding.

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