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Stereotypes about Ukrainian Women That Have to Be Gone

There were myths about women at all times. People don’t want to get rid of them even in the 21st century and they still exist. What stereotypes do men believe in? You will read a list of women stereotypes below.

Ukrainian Women Stereotypes

#1 All Ukrainian women want to get married

The most persistent myth about Ukrainian women that has been circulating for many centuries is that all of them want to marry as soon as possible. Women just want to love and be loved, and a stamp in their passports is just another proof of love for them and confidence in their partners. Every woman strives for stability because procreation is in her nature. But no words can convince a woman that she has nothing to worry about without confidence in a father of her children who officially recognized her as a wife. Nowadays, nothing can force a woman to marry only by the fact that it is so necessarily.

Most of the Ukrainian girls think about marriage only when the loved ones appear next to them, the ones with whom they are ready to spend their entire lives. Of course, there are exceptions to any rule when young girls dream of getting married. However, this doesn’t show any general trend but rather infantilism and meager experience of young girls who don’t think about the consequences of a marriage that doesn’t have material or moral foundations.

#2 All Ukrainian women love bad guys

Actually, they don’t like mama’s boys. But there is nothing good in the opposite extreme as well. Women don’t want to cry at night from jealousy, don’t want ill-treatment, and don’t want you to rob the bank. And if a man wants to beat every passer-by who looks at his woman — it only seems pathetic.

Ukrainian women #3 All Ukrainian women need rich men

...and the guys love only beautiful and smart girls! Right? I don’t think so. It is just one more men-women stereotype. Well, actually, girls like not the fact of having money (although, perhaps, most of them think that men have to provide for a family) but those character traits that men have. Often, those who have achieved a lot in a certain field are purposeful, hard-working, and responsible people. This is enough for falling in love.

However, there are some women among them who dream to marry an oligarch and spend millions in Italian boutiques and there are gigolos among men as well. Actually, the fact that a man is willing to spend money on a girl is much more important because women know that fans of sex for one night will not waste money on them. When a relationship enters a serious stage, women begin to look closely whether their man can work and earn. But this shows their prudence, not materialism.

#4 All Ukrainian Women hardly overcome a breakup

It is another nonsense: an ideal woman suffers after a breakup, and if she doesn’t — she is not perfect. Why does it seem to men that women have to suffer more than they do? Is it because of female sentimentality? But why don’t men think that a woman can be an initiator of a breakup? If you look for Ukrainian women for dating, then you should know that they have a strong character.

#5 All Ukrainian women don’t need sex

You may not believe, but actually, they love it because nice and regular sex life provides a good appearance and a great mood. They like this pleasure even more than cappuccino with a chocolate bar because they don’t become fat from it but even the contrary. It is possible to refuse sex with a loved and desired person only because of some physiological reasons. All the rest is blackmail and provocation, but this is a completely different story.

#6 All Ukrainian women need a lot of clothes and cosmetics

Firstly, not everyone: many girls completely ignore style, fashion, and mascara with lipsticks. Secondly, it is a quite natural desire for a woman to please herself and others. The modern world gives women much more opportunities to discover their beauty than using beets instead of rouge.

#7 All Ukrainian women can’t be beautiful and clever

This is the oldest stereotype that men believe for unknown purposes: a woman can be either beautiful or clever. Yes, many women working in high-tech industries are forced to abandon cosmetics and elegant hairstyles just because they don’t have time for it, but it doesn’t mean that they are not beautiful. And men, seeing the girls who look not as amazing as they like, can immediately call them bookworms or ugly.

#8 All Ukrainian women love children

It is worth to clarify that women love only their children. They love children of other people in rare cases — when they work in such spheres as pediatrics, education, etc., or when they really want to have their own children. Although, there is a type of women who just don’t like children and don’t want to have them. But there are such women in any country.

#9 All Ukrainian women want to be housewives

Another common myth is that the woman's mission is to be a housewife. All global issues in the world are solved by men. They create international corporations, manage the affairs of a country, and live an active business and social life. And the destiny of a woman is household chores and the upbringing of children.

However, we can give a lot of examples, when women cope with all the traditionally “male” duties much better than men. Representatives of this "weaker" sex can make a successful career, develop in literature, science and art remaining loving spouses and caring mothers at the same time. The modern world allows women to demonstrate their best qualities giving opportunities for personal growth and self-realization.

#10 All Ukrainian women love pretty boys

Each lady has her own preferences. Some of them really like athletes, but there are those who appreciate the mind and sense of humor more than appearance. Sometimes it's enough just to stand out from the general "gray mass" and to be self-confident.

#11 All Ukrainian women adore jewelry

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends” — the phrase is well-known to everyone. But is it really so? Jewels are a symbol of prosperity and wealth, and therefore only those girls who worry about public opinion are interested in them. Do you remember how sellers persuade young beauties to make a purchase? “All your friends will envy you!” Those girls who succumb to such manipulation just want to get the highest possible status in society.

And there are women who don’t care about this for a variety of reasons. Someone just doesn’t see the sense in this game of “constant competition”, someone finds other values: art, family, or a favorite job. So, as you can see, not all Ukrainian women adore jewelry.

# 12 All Ukrainian women can be bribed with gifts

Of course, you should give gifts to women because they need some signs of attention. And, besides, your gifts constantly remind them of you, evoking a feeling of affection and gratitude with all the consequences that follow. But there are women who need only money, your expensive gifts and nothing else. Their life is a sham. But not all of them are so! You should understand that a woman placed in the "golden cage" will remain with you, but it is better not to know what will happen in her head and in her life.