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Best Sex Positions for Men and Women

Having sex, we always think about how to prolong it or get more pleasure. But sometimes it doesn't work. And it seems that we do everything right: we are engaged in a long foreplay, we enjoy the touch and caresses, and so on. But sometimes the highest point can’t be achieved. Therefore, you need to know the most sensitive positions in sex because sometimes it all depends on them. Inventing another pretentious position for sex with your partner, do you hope that the sexual desire will smooth out any uncomfortable moments? Why complicate the natural impulse of passion? We suggest remembering the most common sexual positions and making an interesting 'twist' in them. As a result, sex will turn out to be natural and with a taste of romance with girls meeting girls online.

1. Missionary position

Everyone knows the well-known positions, which is devoid of intricacy and allows both partners to fully relax. In this position, you don't worry about how you look from the outside and completely surrender to sexual feelings. However, diversity can be introduced into it.

  • - Take the pillows and put them under girl's buttocks. Thus, your penis will penetrate at an angle, reaching the mysterious G-spot, which will give her more acute sensations.
  • - Her legs can push your chest. In this case, you can stimulate her clitoris. This doubles the sensations of a partner, which leads to a bright orgasm.
  • - Remember how heroes of porn movies act in a similar position. To make the penetration deeper, throw her legs on your shoulders. In this case, bite and kiss her neck and lips.

2. Rider

If your lady prefers to be on top, then probably she is inclined to power and leadership. And it doesn’t mean that you can just rest giving all the reigns to her.

  • - Sit on a comfortable chair without armrests and put her on top. It will not be necessary to put many efforts but penetration will be deep.
  • - If you are of a good physical shape, have sex standing up. Press a partner to the wall and enter her, like a passionate, steep man.
  • - Let she sits back to you and spread her legs as wide as possible. Spread arms of a partner like wings. The frictional force will increase substantially as well as the mutual sensations.

3. Doggy style

This is a good version of sex position if you want to feel like a real man. At the same time, you can prolong sex by restraining orgasm a little.

  • - When a partner is already in the right position, lift her by the hips and wind her legs around your waist. Thus, you quickly find the coveted G-spot.
  • - Even if you just raise her pelvis a little, then the sensations will immediately intensify.
  • - Try the doggy style standing up. At the same time, tilt your partner forward. She can lean on the wall with her hands. This will not create unnecessary stress for her body, which will help maximize focus on gaining sexual pleasure.

Not always the principle of kama sutra and inventiveness in sex bring an unforgettable flight of sensations. It is enough to make a small variety in the usual, comfortable positions and a positive result is guaranteed.